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Auditor Training on Sustainable Fuelwood Certification NEW

Auditor Training on Sustainable Fuelwood Certification

One of the most important aspect of the Project is to address the technical and coordination issues that hinder large scale fuel wood plantations and biomass supply. In this regards, FAO & SLSEA have mandated the Sri Lankan Standards Institute (SLSI) to elaborate a standard for sustainably produced fuel wood. This standard is now posted for public consultation and is available at

While it is being finalized, we will be training professional auditors on the specifics of this new standard in a two-day training event on 20 and 21 June 2016. This training is for professionals who already are experienced auditors, as auditing basics will not be covered during this training. This short, practical training will be composed of one day with theory and exercises in class, and one day in a real plantation, simulating an audit. This training is not an information session on sustainable fuelwood certification, but a practical training targeting professional auditors who will later be expected to take on auditing mandates. The training programme is scheduled to be held from 20-21 June 2016 at Hibiscus Beach Hotel, Mahawaskaduwa, Kalutara North.